Little Diesel!

You heard everyone say it over and over, “Hey Dieseltje!” (Little Diesel in Dutch). Our big rottweiler. Impressive, full of energy, stubborn, dominant, emphatically present and only one goal: get cuddles.

Our puppy, born on March 11, 2010. We got him after a burglary, a small puppy with big thick front legs. Who could be afraid of that? Little puppies get bigger and bigger, Diesel’s greatest punishment of life; So many people who were afraid of him, when all he wanted to do was just to cuddle and play. If he could have spoken, his first words would be: “Love me!”

In the summer of 2018, Diesel gave us a good scare. A lump under his right armpit. After a CT scan, two things were clear, it had to go and it was encapsulated. The expectation was that they could take it out just like that.

After the operation, the cancer was successfully removed and Diesel had been given extra time! In the photo below you can see what has been removed (not the hand).

How cruel is life that his body started to show other signs of decay shortly after the operation and it seemed that his body was actually done with life. Old age complaints slowly accumulated, but little Diesel did not give a kick and as always he just continued to be himself.

Start of kidney failure, start of cataracts, stomach and intestinal complaints and therefore a lot of vomiting, a lot of nausea, a lot of illness, a lot of stomach pain. In late March it also became clear that the tumor was back. We enjoyed him for another month when it really became clear that he was having a real hard time. A rottweiler doesn’t budge, ever. It’s easy to go along with that, but you see it. You hear it. You feel it. He is hurting.

Diesel passed away in the presence of his family on 24-04-2019 around 16:00.